Where to hike?




You have decided to go for a hike but not sure where to go? Let’s face it there are so many beautiful places to hike in this world and trying to decide where you want to go can be a daunting and difficult decision. I know I have this question in my mind every time I want to take off on another hiking trip.



Let’s break it down and take away all the confusion (well most hopefully). These questions below are great ones to help narrow down your choices.

  • How much time do you have to go on this hike? This is probably one of the first questions I ask myself before planning each trip. No point in going across to the other side of the world if you only have a week. Choose something time appropriate. Also be realistic about the distances you can walk comfortably each day. Don’t thrash out the km’s just to get to the end of the hike, you have just spent your precious time and hard-earned money to go on the hike don’t miss it. No rewards for being the fastest. Also don’t think hiking has to be lots of km’s each day, it might just be short day walks. Just think if you do some short days it gives you more time for exploring the area. You decide.
  • How much is your budget? Decide what you can afford to spend on the trip. Your budget might only afford you to camp or it perhaps afford you to B&B. Be honest with what you can afford. Don’t go over, that could put you in hot water in a foreign land and that would not be fun at all. The good news is the actual act of hiking is free!
  • Do you have any health issues? Another very important question and if you do, don’t fear this does not mean you can’t go on a hiking trip just means, like your everyday life, you have to adjust what you do and maybe how you do it to accommodate your health. You don’t have to carry a large backpack with everything in it. There are many hikes where your bags are transported for you and you just carry a day bag.
  • Is your fitness up to scratch? You do not need to be some super marathon fitness freak to do a hiking trip. What you do need to be is as fit as you can be to tackle what lays ahead. Again be honest with yourself, the trail will soon tell you if you didn’t train before hand, also be healthy. We hear this all the time, eat right, watch what you eat, look after yourself. Yep sounds like your mother nagging you doesn’t it, well you should listen as a healthy body will manage to get you through a hike a lot happier than an unhealthy one. Start walking, even just around the block, then keep going. Try to get to 3 times a week, add a weighted bag on your back. Try walking on different terrain.
  • What time of the year can you do your hike? The time of the year or season will dictate where we can go. For example I’m planning a hike through Norway and the recommended time of the year to hike there is late June through to September. Why then? Because in autumn and winter it is too wet, cold, snow etc. Does not make for good hiking conditions. So I’m going in July.
  • What do you want to see? This will very much help decide where to go.Do you want to see rolling hills? Maybe go to Tuscany. Do you want to see glaciers? Go to places like Alaska, New Zealand. Do you want to see mountains and maybe climb one? Try Kilimanjaro in Africa. Maybe you want to just walk through some beautiful historical coastal villages? Maybe walk the Amalfi Coast in Italy. What I would suggest is google it. Type in what interests you like I just typed in the words ‘hiking and wine’ I got ‘Vienna Wine Hiking Day’. Some of the best and cheapest hikes can actually in your own neighbourhood. Google local hikes.

Now grab a pen and paper, laptop or iPad and start planning

Happy walking. 👣👣

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