Choosing the right socks for your adventure no matter what that may be is important to get right. The wrong sock can make it very uncomfortable and even painful if you end up with blisters.

The reviews below on the socks, like all my reviews, are from my personal experience and many years and thousands of km’s hiked. This is what the outcome for me has been and do always remember when you are reading a review it is someone’s personal opinion.

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Having said that let’s talk Socks!

I have tried many types of socks over the years and I will get through the reviews eventually. Some of the socks I have LOVED and some over a decade of walking are still holding their own where as some didn’t make the first few hundred km’s.

Brubeck Trekking Prestige socks from The Hiking Society.

My husband and I have been trying the Brubeck Trekking Prestige socks for a few weeks now and have been really giving them a good work out though some harsh conditions and they have performed brilliantly.

We both like different types of socks normally, he prefers the thicker and myself the thinner, but this is the first time we like the same. It is the most comfortable sock I have worn yet and he agrees. They are a warm sock but did not make our feet sweat at all, they keep dry and we both did not get heat rash like I have from other brands. I went for 4 days without washing mine and thankfully there was no sign of odour, so I believe the socks performance is as they say.


They say –

Trekking Prestige socks are made by double layer breathing knitwear using merino wool. The outside layer is made by merino wool. Wool characterises itself by high thermal insulation, therefore it protects from losing warmth even in very low temperatures. Wool is a hydrophobic fibre, meaning that it can absorb moisture that is equal to 1/3 of its own weight and does not feel wet to the touch. Merino wool does not itch and cause allergies, and is soft to the touch. The inside layer made by poly amide and polypropylene releases the moisture out of the skin quickly, so that the foot remains dry even during long and tiring trekking. The ions of silver used in the polypropylene yarn have antibacterial properties – they curb the growth of bacteria. In ensures long-time comfort of using and protects from occurring unpleasant smells.


  • 51% Merino Wool,
  • 26% Polyamide,
  • 18% Polypropylene with silver ions,
  • 3% Polypropylene,
  • 2% Elastane.

 We both would highly recommend this brand of sock for any trekker and would say they are now one of our favourites. Well done Brubeck I think you nailed it!

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Price range from $30 AU and stockists are The Hiking Society. 



First up is the Bridgedale range, they are a UK brand and offer 3year fit Guarantee.

I will just say straight up I am a fan of the Bridgedale Socks. These were my first ever brand of socks and yes, I’m still wearing a pair over a decade old and love them. They are a little worn on the heals but I won’t throw them away as I have them as my backups.


Why are the Bridgedales so good? I found they fit snug but not too tight, feel like they have great support and comfortable with the right amount of padding. They never fall down but don’t dig in around the ankles like some. I don’t get heat rash from them like other brands either and they last well. My socks get used and abused and I can on a trip go long period of times where they won’t get washed. Sounds disgusting, I know but when you hike for sometimes up to 6 weeks at a time you don’t always have the chance to wash and when you do it is usually a hand wash, wring and attach to the back pack for drying.

They do after a while smell but I would expect this when they are not getting a proper wash and when you do get the chance to throw them into a machine they bounce back amazing and in shape. I even throw them into a dryer occasionally if one is available to me and they don’t shrink or lose their shape.

They Say-

Bridgedale range of socks offers what they call Fusion Technology saying it’s their unique blend of highest quality yarn and Knitting technology that is wrapped with high performance microfibres to ensure all day performance whilst targeted cushioning and mesh panels ensure all day comfort and ventilation.

The 3 Fusion Technology they talk about is-

  • Bridgedale’s WoolFusion® – uses Enduro-Wool together with technical fibres to provide balanced insulation, moisture wicking and durability, giving you comfortable, high performance, hard wearing sock with excellent thermal and moisture control properties.
  • Bridgedale’s MerinoFusion™ uses Merino Wool together with technical fibres to provide balanced insulation, high levels of comfort, giving excellent insulation and next to skin softness, whilst the technical fibres rapidly transport moisture away from the skin leaving your feet feeling dry and comfortable.
  • Bridgedale’s CoolFusion™ technology uses natural and technical fibres knitted in such a way to deliver a highly ventilated sock ensuring it is light and comfortable in the warmest conditions.

What is Enduro Wool?

Enduro Wool is the first spin of wool, which guarantees softness, quality and durability. Enduro Wool also provides excellent thermal balance and moisture control properties.

Bridgedale Trekker Midweight Wool Socks are priced around $40AU

Bridgedale Trekker Lightweight Wool Socks are priced around $30AU

Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker Socks are priced around $30AU

There are many other styles as well to choose from.

See their video here on their brand – 

ANTU waterproof socks

These are not my first ever waterproof socks I have tried but I am now thinking they might be my last, as I really don’t think they will ever master the waterproof sock for what I enjoy doing. Having said that for someone who is a bike rider or the hiker who may only be on the trail for a few hours at a time and no longer then yes maybe something you would consider.

I was asked to road test these and I did put them through their paces as I do with everything and they in the end failed majorly. My concerns with waterproof socks are apart from the obvious of not being waterproof is that they will make your feet too hot causing you to sweat and this can lead to blisters.


I first did the usual test of running them under water and they passed. I then put them on and going outside and jumped around in puddles, (not wearing my boots) and they passed.

The next test was to take them on a journey and this was to the European Alps where I was trekking for 10 days around the mountains. As it turned out I got all weather. The first few days sun and hot so I didn’t wear them then the next day started drizzly then turned to a storm with heavy rain, wind and thunderstorms and they failed miserably.

This is what I experienced-

For the first 6 km the weather was on and off with rain. I did not sweat in them! My feet didn’t feel like I had waterproof socks on they were quite comfortable. However, as I climbed higher the weather got worse and after the 6 km I felt my feet getting wet. By the time I reached the pass my feet were squelching and when I finished and took off the socks I squeezed out so much water. My hubby had on his merino socks and they were wet but didn’t squeeze any water out of them. I’m so sorry but the waterproof for me didn’t work. I was hoping that they would have been a winner.


As soon as I took them off I squeezed these out – not good

What I was wearing was no different to any other time I have been walking in storms. I don’t wear waterproof pants, but I did have my long hiking pants and gaiters on and my goretex Salewa boots.

Now the socks took days to dry out which doesn’t work for me when I am on the trail for sometimes up to 6 weeks, so lugging around wet socks isn’t an option and sorry after days of being wet they were starting to smell. They do not recommend you wring them or put them in a dryer either. If you are on a day trip OK that’s fine they can dry at home for as long as they take.

The good points – they are comfy, and I didn’t sweat. 👣👣

They say-

ANTU waterproof socks are ideal for all outdoor sports, running, cycling, hiking and many more. Experience a 100% waterproof, windproof and lightweight sock that is also highly breathable. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and sweat absorbing, perfect for your outdoor adventures!


  • Outer: 98% nylon, 2% elastic
  • Interlining: waterproof & breathable membrane
  • Inner: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% nylon


  • Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof
  • Naturally antibacterial and sweat absorbing
  • Light weight with casual design in order to save more space for you pack.

Price range from $40AU up.

Do stay tuned for more sock reviews as I have different ones coming soon.

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