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It is exciting to get the chance to go on an adventure and it is even more exciting when you are able to share and hopefully inspire others to do their own adventure. I had decided after many years of travelling around the world that it was what I had wanted to do so off I went and enrolled in a Travel writing course! I have to say I didn’t want the course to end it was so much fun and really fuelled me for writing. So one year later and this is what I’m doing! I have managed to get some of my work out there and hope to keep doing so and keep inspiring the readers to go give it a go.

Below I have added the magazines in which I have written articles for. I would also like to take this chance to thank the magazines, editors and readers for making this possible to follow a dream and actually live it!

Bibbulmun Track – magazine – Bushwalk Australia





My Portuguese Hike – magazine – Whoa mag

My story of walking the Portuguese Camino pilgrim trail from Lisbon to Santiago, Spain.






My Alaskan Adventure – magazine – Finally @ 40






Walk on the Wild Side – magazine – Way2Go







Lavender Federation Trail – magazine – Wild



Lavender Federation Trail, My Personal Story – written for the Footnotes Newsletter

Lavender Federation Trail My Personal story






Hitting the Hay – magazine – Great Walks

Sleep Gear – How to choose






This was an article written about us by Hilde Stina Elshaug for ta Norwegian online Newspaper!

Wandering the world shoulder to shoulder – On line Newspaper – Norway

Wandering around the world shoulder to shoulder


I am Featured on Brown Gal Trekker’s site –

OUTDOOR WOMAN’S VOICE: Michelle of Walking Two By Two by BGT




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