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I am a passionate hiker, one that loves nature, loves walking and experiencing the world by foot. My chosen way to travel this world is by literally one step at a time feeding this passion of mine. This way of being, a way of living and makes me feel alive, young and free. It is addictive but in a way that is so good for the heart and soul and the more I explore and live this life the more I want and I want to share it with the rest of the world.

A few years back I decided that I needed to share what it was that makes me feel so good. I want others to see my posts, read my articles, watch my films and think, “I want that too!” I want people to see that they too can have and feel this way of being. That it is achievable and hopefully through my sites, my articles, my films and talks more people will take the step, put on their hiking boots and walk outside into their own adventure however big or small it may be.

Through this journey of mine I have not been only walking and enjoying the great outdoors I have been learning so much about the world around us, nature and myself and what we are capable of achieving. What started out as a hobby is now turning into my job and I have to say it has been very bumpy and hard trail to walk on but what an amazing ride. I am loving the challenge of it.

A huge part of what I do put on my site and in my articles comes from not only experiencing it for myself but through a lot of research to be sure that I give the readers the best information that I can and help them make their journey ahead a lot easier for them.

To keep this going I do need support and if you are a business that shares this passion and keen to support me then I ask you to contact me.

Road Test- Product Reviews

I am happy to do road tests of products for you with anything hiking, camping, travelling and give you an honest review.

Check out past reviews Gear Reviews



Please contact me for details if you feel I can help you out on an event or podcast etc. I have over the years been involved in quite a number of public speaking events including Trail Talk Presentation Nights, Gear Talk, Women’s solo hiking, podcast episodes to name a few.

Past events include- 3 Walks 3 Countries Information Talk Night and Travel Talk- Camino de Santiago as well as https://realtrailtalk.podbean.com and https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-hcygt-7c7b53 just as a few.

I am available for –

  • Public speaking
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews


Magazines and online

If you are a magazine, online or even the old fashion hard copy, and like what you see here I ask you to don’t be afraid to contact me and let me write for you. I have quite a bit of experience now with writing for magazines as well as a lot of online sites. For a few samples check out Articles written for magazines



If you are a company with the same passion and would like me to be an ambassador I ask you to contact me and we will see if we suitable together. (I do need to like your product, know your product before I will commit)

Current Ambassador for Ambass Brubeck



If your business likes the way I am and keen to help by sponsoring me again please contact me and we will see it we suitable together.


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