Let’s Work Together

Discovering the world as I do has given me a whole new look on life one step at a time. For me this is a way of being free, alive and to just be the real me. Help me share this with others and inspire them to step forward and find the real them.

In my life my hope is to encourage more people to get outside and experience nature and explore what this world really has to offer us other than what is in our immediate surroundings.

Everything that goes on my site and in my articles comes from my own personal experience and a lot of research so I can give the readers the best information to help them make their journey ahead a lot easier.

To keep this going support and help from the wider community is needed, so if you are a business that shares the same passion for getting outdoors and you are keen to help support me then the following is how you can.

Affiliate Links

Why not help share by becoming an affiliate.

Whether you help me by selling one of my products through your site or I through mine.

(Do be aware I am only interested in the products that relate to the topic of hiking!)

Road Test and Product Reviews

If you have a product that you would like me to road test and give a review please feel free to contact me. I always give an honest review of your product as I feel this will not only help your have the best product possible but help the readers get the best possible.

Check out past gear reviews.

(Do be aware I am only interested in the products that relate to the topic of hiking!)


Please contact me for details if you feel I can help you with an event, or podcast etc. I have over the years been involved in many public speaking events including – Gear Talk, Trail Talk, Presentation Nights, Women Solo Hiking, Podcast Episodes just to name a few.

Magazines and Online

If you are a magazine, have an online site and need content then don’t be afraid to contact me. I have written for many magazines and online site in the past, to see some examples then check out – Articles for Magazines.


If you are a company with the same outdoor passion as myself and would like me to be an ambassador for your brand then please contact me for details. Current ambassador for BruebeckAU.


If you are keen on sponsoring me on my journeys then please do contact me for further information.


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