How to choose.

Life is just full of decisions that you have to make everyday and I don’t know about you but I sometimes can’t even choose what to cook for dinner.  So how do you choose Where to hike? What boots do I get? Do I need walking poles? What is the best backpack? Should it be a 35L or a 75L? Where do I sleep? Do I need an Epirb? What is an Epirb? And the questions go on and on and on, your mind is in a spin, maybe this whole hiking thing is too hard and best not to go.


These are some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis and questions I have asked before and perhaps again in the future. I have decided over time to help answer so of these questions for you and hopefully make the decisions easier so you can concentrate on enjoying the process of planning and going on your hike.

So keep a watch out for my future posts like 

BOOTS. How to choose. or 

How to care for your boots also 

Sleep Gear – How to choose  and

How to choose Underwear for hiking! as well as 

How to tie your Laces and don’t miss 

How to Choose Socks

Don’t forget Gear Review

Happy walking  👣👣

♥ keep a look out for Where to hike?



  1. Great stuff! I’m walking the St Olav Way-Norway and so I’ve watched your You Tube vids. I walked the Camino Frances in 2007. 🙂 Michelle, I like your rain poncho. What type is it please? You liked it in the wet Norwegian weather? Thanks so much and Happy hiking! Kerry

    • Hi Kerry, thanks for the kind words. Yes my poncho I love. I got this Poncho in Santiago back in 2010 and it has done really well and not showing any signs of retirement. It is an Altus Atmospheric and the great thing is it sits over your pack well and if it stops raining I just unzip (its like a jacket) take my arms out and it hang off my bag till it rains again arms in zip up and good to go. It is like walking with a tent over you though the down fall, like any rain gear, is you can sweat. It coped well with Norway then I went straight from there to Scotland and walked the West Highland Way all good. I even used it in the UK for the Coast to Coast, rained everyday except one). Any questions on the St. Olav Way you may have feel free to ask. Enjoy and let me know how your trip goes it would be fun to see. happy trails 🙂

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