Hiking Pants

Hiking Pants

When hiking you need pants that are comfortable, lightweight, quick drying, versatile. When you are travelling for long periods of time and hiking you need all that and also something that can look smart for the evening and not like you have been hiking a trail all day. The type of pants we prefer to hike in are the zip off style where you can start the day with the long pant and as the day warms up you can unzip the lower legs and have shorts, or if at the end of the day the lower legs have mud on you can zip off and wash just the lower part. Some people prefer to just wear long pants all the time to protect their legs from the bushes scratching them, insects, sun or even the cold. Well we have tried all different brands of pants and over the next few weeks we will share our thoughts on them but first let’s start with a long pant that we found just before our last trip and I loved them so much I bought 3 pairs!

Do Note I only will talk about gear I have tried and tested for myself so if you don’t see a particular brand here it is just because I haven’t tried them yet.

If you are a company that would like me to do a road-test and review on your product them please do Contact me as I am always happy to.

Kukura Pant by ExOfficio

These pants are extremely lightweight and when you put them on you really do feel the lightness. They have a 4 way stretch fabric which makes them very flexible and comfortable to move in. The fabric also has a Teflon+ treatment so it is stain repellent and it is also 50+ sun protection. We both carried a pair when we spent 6 weeks hiking and had them in our compression bags when not wearing them, when we pulled them out and put them on you would have never known they were stuffed in our packs always looking neat and smart.



The length on them is generous (we are tall people) and the size is also quite generous.

Our opinion on these pants are they’re an all-round a great pant to take travelling as well as hiking in. The downfall on them I would have to say is the size of the pockets, would be better if there were bigger pockets but not a deal breaker.

Women’s Pant

  • Sizes 2 – 16 (American sizing) very generous
  • Colours Back, Slate, Bay leaf
  • Mid rise
  • Internal elastic waistband
  • Indestructible button system

Men’s Pant

  • Sizes 30 – 44 (American Sizing) very generous
  • Colours Black, Cigar, Bay Leaf
  • Internal elastic waistband
  • 2 security zip back pockets
  • Floating pocket loop inside
  • 1 security zip pocket on the left leg
  • Indestructible button system

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