Gear Reviews

Over the numerous years of hiking and camping we have used and experienced countless different products. Some have been great finds others not so great so we put this section together to share our personal thoughts and experience on the products we have used and hope to help others in making a better choice and perhaps help save a buck or two on not buying products that don’t deliver and getting a product that is worth its money.

Do Note all my reviews are from gear I have personally tried and tested so if you don’t see something here it is because I haven’t tried it yet. 

Feel free to let us know about any piece of equipment that you have used whether it is great or maybe not so great. Do remember this is on personal experience and your personal opinion.

I always say what is good for one isn’t always good for another but information can be a wealth of knowledge.  

If you are a company that would like us to road-test and review your product then please do contact us as we would love to help.

As time goes on we will continue to add more gear up here to review so keep eyes peeled.

Head Gear


Rain Gear

Hiking Pants

Sleep Gear

Hiking Tops!

Hiking Accessories


If you are are business with a product you feel we would be keen to try please Contact us and check out Let’s Work together.

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