Hitting the Track

What a weekend! Mark and I headed out to the Bibbulmun Track to do some Track maintenance and surprise a few hikers with some Trail Angeling (is it a word? just googled it yep it is 🙂 )


My dear friends Lari and Hedley maintain a beautiful section of the Bibbulmun Track and asked if I could look after it for them while they are away on this amazing journey across Europe on foot! Yep they are walking from the Netherlands all the way to Santiago de Compostella on the west coast of Spain!

I have been having fun going out to make sure the track is nice and clear for the hikers to go through and to be sure the campsite is tidy and maintained as well. Mark decided he needed some track time so joined me (think he was sad I was having all the fun).


We thought it would be nice to take out a table and chairs, esky (cooler) with ice and soft drinks, fruit, chocolate (yummy) and choc chip biscuits. We set this up on the track while we took off walking along the track clearing any blow-downs etc. Meanwhile 5 hikers (all from the Eastern States) went through and were all surprised!

We didn’t want to just stop at that as hiking season here in Western Australia is in full swing, especially on the Bibbulmun Track as there are hikers starting this 1000 km journey almost every day at the moment. We had some sausages and hot-dog buns and more cold drinks etc to take to camp for any unsuspecting hiker that may walk in.


There were another 5 hikers! They were all female (go girls!) and from all over – France, QLD, Victoria and Western Australia, and all doing their own walk. Some were going the full 1000 km some for half and some just for the night. It is always really great to see people out just doing what they do and that is enjoy life, nature the track. A great group with many laughs and stories told and Mark cooked up some great snags on the BBQ!


I made a short clip (watch here) on our trip to just give you a little peek at that section and if you get the chance get out there, this is between Dwellingup and the Yarigal Form with Swamp Oak Campsite in the middle.

Enjoy and Happy Trails

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  1. Love that you guys are taking care of this for us and that you are really making a difference out there. You have set a new mark for us now. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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