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New Book – Feed the Hike

In my life my hope is to encourage more people to get outside and experience nature and explore what this world really has to offer us other than what is in our immediate surroundings.


I would like to introduce to you all in this new book ‘Feed the Hike’, sustaining your hike with mind, body and diet.

Time spent in nature has been proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy happy life, especially in this modern artificial fast paced world we now live in. The evidence of the health benefits have just been overwhelming and I also know through personal experience that yes Nature is the Nurture we need.

In my book I want to share some tips and ideas from my own experiences of many years with thousands and thousands of kilometres walked. You will also hear from well-seasoned hikers as they share with us their own tips and knowledge, perhaps helping to avoid making some silly mistakes, while letting us just focus more on making our journey a great one.

I have a guest writer and Physiotherapist, Damian Vance, he is sharing with us some of his knowledge on achieving and keeping your body in prime condition. Damian will also be giving us those important tips on what you can do on the trail if things go wrong.

You will find a chapter on Menu Planning and on what Equipment you might take with you on the trail as this can be daunting when planning a long hike.

There is also Trail Foods that I have personally tried and tested throughout my hiking life. With my ideas and recipes, I hope to help you avoid many of the prepacked foods and add more healthy choices into your menu planning for your journey. I also included a chapter about Dehydrating, this is something I am asked about a lot so I am excited to share my knowledge with you all.



Feed the Hike Book & The Capes Guidebook now available from the Feed the Hike Site



You can find The Capes books at the following locations –

A Taste of Nannup & Beyond

16 Warren Road, Nannup WA



Dymocks Karrinyup

Shop F121 Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Karrinyup Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018



Dymocks Morley Galleria

Shop 36,4 Collier Road

Morley, WA 6062



Dymocks Joondalup

Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City,

shop 16/420 Joondalup Dr,

Joondalup WA 6027



Dymocks Garden City

33-34 Garden City Shopping Centre

125 Riseley St

Booragoon WA 6154



Northcliffe Visitor Centre

Muirillup Rd, Northcliffe WA



Zig Zag Cultural Centre

50 Railway Road, Kalamunda


Wilderness Shop Box Hill

969 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Victoria


Balingup Visitors Centre

South West Highway, Balingup WA


Camping World Rockingham

81 Dixon Road, Rockingham, Western Australia




Go explore, have fun and live life, remember it is yours to live.

I dedicate this book to all who aspire to seek their own adventure in life.


In my life I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who not only put up with my crazy adventures but support me throughout. This book has been a journey within itself and would never have come to being if it wasn’t for the love and support of these people.

My husband Mark who for the past 28 years has loved supported and encouraged me in my journey through life. Thank you for just being you.

My son, Liam, again like my other projects he has stepped forward and helped me along the way with this book. Hiking is not his thing but his knowledge and support has been a huge asset to me.

Damian Vance I thank you for coming on board and sharing your knowledge within the book. Your support not just for the book but throughout my hiking life has just been incredible.

Heather who has been a real inspiration for me a great support, and a gorgeous model and cover girl! I thank you.

Lari, Hedley, Helen, Caro and Deb your input of the knowledge and experience in which you all have gained over the years is very much appreciated here in this book. I have gotten to know you all personally as hiking buddies and friends, for me this has been a true blessing.

Clare I give you 5 Sporks girl! You have been through all my projects unconditionally and I am so grateful for that. The input of your yummy trail food has been a delicious bonus for us all.

My Son-in-Law Jack, I will so not forget to mention you, your support and modelling abilities you have given me for this book. Jack has been a great support with his knowledge in both this book and my last book, The Capes.  

Frith my dear friend who has read and re-read this book over and over again helping me to get my words, thank you.

All my crazy hiking friends that have had to put up with my constant talking as well as force feeding them thru the research for this book. What can I say, you all have been real gems to support me throughout, being Guinea pigs to my food and models for many photos and most importantly my inspiration to go for it. For me it is friends like you that really makes my life amazing.

I would like to also thank all of you who have bought this book. I hope you get much valued information from it and you go out and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer in the best way you can.

Happy Trails


About the Author

Michelle Ryan is walkingtwobytwo, a Western Australian hiker that has hiked many a trail throughout the world and especially here in her homeland of Australia, favouring the long distance trails.

She is a freelance writer, a published author and documentary maker, having much of her work in numerous magazines throughout the world and also online.

Michelle produced a documentary, Bibbulmun Journeys, in 2018 on the 1000km Bibbulmun Track that showcases it’s beauty and the people who love it, walk it and care for it.

In 2018 she published her first book, The Capes, this is a guidebook to walking the popular Western Australian Coastal Track, the Cape to Cape.

You can also see Michelle sharing more of her knowledge online through her various Social Media site and YouTube channel – walkingtwobytwo. Currently Feed the Hike is a new series on YouTube.

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