Alpes to Adria Trail Film

Watch each episode and join us on this walk as we discover the Alpes to Adria Trail. This is a 750km hike takes us from the base if the highest mountain in Austria, Mt. Grossglockner, and winds its way through Slovenia and ends at the Adriatic Sea in Muggia Italy.


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Alpe AdriaTrailepisode one

Click here to watch Episode One Alpes to Adria Trail

Episode Two


Click here to watch Episode two – Tunnel Fog and gorgeous views.

Alpe AdriaTrail


Click here to watch Episode Three – 3 Summits, horses and a water squirting Dragon.

Episode Four

Click here to watch Episode Four – More mountains, fog and horses.

Episode Five

Click here to watch Episode Five – Crossing Borders.

Read our journey here 

Happy trails and enjoy. 🙂

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