What’s in the Pack!

What do I pack in my pack when I go out hiking in the bush especially when it is hiking the 1000km Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia!

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  1. Hi Michelle, I noted that you carry Damper in your pack. I am wondering how you cook it as I can only see a jetboil for cooking. How are you cooking the damper?

    • Hi Shelley. I cook it in 3 different ways. One I will cook it in foil in the coals or sometimes I will make it like flat bread or patties and do it over the flame on the tray that swings out on the fire. I have a sheet of teflon for this. Brilliant way. Or on my jet boil I will use a small amount of olive oil on low heat and make small little flat patties. I also like to add herbs or a bit of soup mix to the dough

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