Liebster Award!

This is exciting news for me I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! What is this award? Well it is an online Award for new Bloggers that has been around since 2011 and is a way to share, support and recognise new bloggers out there!

I have been nominated by Meg from who is adventurous world explorer living in Colorado USA having explored 46 of her own states as well as travelling to 29 different countries! Meg has lived in places like the UK, Malaysia and Denmark she says she was ‘Born to explore and would rather be dirty than done up!’ Yes I can certainly relate to this.

When I read through Megs posts I see she is a true adventurer stepping out of the “normal” comfort zone one would probably take and really getting into the culture and life that the place she has travelled to is offering her. You look at some of the posts that she has written and you will see exactly what I mean, for example Road tripping the Mongolian Steppe and why you should travel to Indonesia . There is some great reading here and really gets me excited to keep exploring this vast and amazing world we have.

These are the Questions that I have been asked by Meg

  1. What inspires you the most to get out and explore? Life! Living! Freedom! The chance to explore and discover new things especially nature!


    Feeling free and alive while walking the Lavender Federation Trail

  2. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what dish would it be? Spag Bog! Love my Spaghetti Bolognese! So yummy and is always great the next day when there are left overs and made into a toasted sandwich with cheese!


    Spag Bog! The best!

  3. What’s your favourite season and why? I love Winter! I love the rain and how it smells and feels, I love the crisp cold air! I love jumping in muddy puddles and walking in rain! I love a good storm and all its drama! I love the smell of winter in the Aussie countryside, the wood-fires, the lush new green growth that comes from the rain as it gives the dry sunburnt land a good drink. I love the fact it is great hiking weather here in Australia.


    A dramatic storm that hit Adelaide in 2015, I got caught in it just before!

  4. You’re in the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen – describe it for us then tell us where it’s at. For me I have this imprinted in my mind. I have never been there and I cannot tell you where it is or if it actually exists. I’m standing on the edge of a hill that is luscious and green. There are many yellow flowers all around and a huge tree that is very majestic and stands with his limbs out wide in a protective way. Up the top of the hill in the far distance is a castle or even a medieval walled town I really don’t know as I never seem to focus on it. Below there is a valley with a sparkling river flowing. Birds are just dancing to the music of the breeze; the air is clear and fresh and millions of dragonflies are flying around me. I feel calm, peace and happiness. This to me is the most beautiful place I have seen.
  5. What was a time when you missed home the most? I was in a town in Spain and was having a really bad day! I just wanted to wish myself straight back home to my husband and kids.


    An old photo now but was around the year I was in Spain.

  6. What is your dream destination? This would be without a doubt to go to Finland, stay in an Ice Igloo and experience colours of the northern lights. To experience a white Christmas and to go on a Dog Sledding trip!


    Hiking in Alaska but always dreaming of getting to Finland!

  7. Sunsets or sunrises? I must say both. Why? Because a sunset is a goodnight to the day that was. The ending of a moment in time. Sunrise is a hello to new beginnings. The start of something new and unknown, this is always exciting!image
  8. What has been your most embarrassing moment or mishap on the road, trail, or travelling? Getting caught out by Squirrel Man in the Lakes district UK when trekking and I needed a toilet bad! I was in a remote area and hadn’t seen anyone for quite some time and just as I was at it he turns up to check out his traps!
  9. If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out as a traveller or an outdoors enthusiast what would it be? Take a deep breath and just go for it!
  10. What are your plans for 2017? I have some amazing plans already in place and I can guarantee more will be added as I move through the year. First up I am getting ready for a huge challenge of walking the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia! This trail goes for 1000km (just over 620 miles) and is a bush trail so I will be camping the whole way and will take 53 days. I am also making a documentary on this trail and having a fundraiser (stayed tuned). I am also travelling to the European Alps with my husband to walk the Tour de Mont Blanc which circumnavigates Mont Blanc taking you through Italy, Switzerland and France, then heading down to the Cinque Terre, Italy, to explore the trails there.14034882_1765294607089456_3887148202147604466_n

My Nominations;

I am so honoured to have been given this chance and excited now to give other amazing bloggers the chance as well.  

The Walking Traveller who leaves her footprints in the world. Helen is wife, mother and a nan! She also is a fellow Aussie with whom I have had the great pleasure of finally getting to meet a year after discovering her blog when I was walking two weeks behind her in Italy on the Via Francigena! We got to meet in 2016 in Glasgow Scotland of all places when she finished walking the West Highland Way and I was just beginning! Discover Helen by checking out her Blog on I know she has so great adventures coming so keep an eye on her!

White Mountain Woman says “Tales of the somewhat epic adventures of an ordinary Wyoming woman.” Robin is a Mother and grandmother with a real zest for life and living. She sees there is so much more out there for her to experience still and is excited to be sharing and encouraging you all to go try as well. Her Blog share her adventures as she loves to catch loads of fish! hike, bike, camp and just give things ago! check her site out you won’t be disappointed just inspired!

JBRobin says she loves being apart of her rainbow nation in South Africa. I love the creative spirit that Jani has and it shows in her writing, not to mention she is a pattern maker and a fashion designer. She has an outdoorsy side to her as well as she is also a runner. Check this young one out she puts a smile on my face when I’m on her site.

Donovan has it right when he says ‘The long ways better!’ and when you go onto his site you can see what he means. This blog has so much to show on some incredible hikes throughout Western Australia, (my home state), and I have been following them for a while. Now when I say them I can not forget to mention his partner, Alissa, who travels these trails with him. Their Instagram page has some incredible photos to see, but the site is something more.

Ashley is a girl so young (same age as my girls) and she has an adventurous spirit that is contagious. Her passion for running is what has driven her but it’s her journey to Iceland (my must go to before I die place) that seem to kick her adventure spirit up a gear. For a young woman who has dealt with depression, serve panic attacks and anxiety she has shown some amazing strength in such a short period of time. Ashley says she has a server case of wanderlust with a driving passion for her running, exploring nature and photography. Ashley my hats off to you, you are just amazing and I know people are going to really enjoy following along on your exciting adventures.

Congratulations! Here are my 10 questions for you;

  1. Were you always interested in the outdoors? if not when did you become interested?
  2. What is the most exciting adventure you have had?
  3. Do you prefer to travel solo or with people and why?
  4. What is the one thing you have never done and are keen to try at least once?
  5. If you could pick an era to live in what one would you choose and why?
  6. When you travel do you prefer backpack or suitcase?
  7. Also when you travel do you prefer warm climate or cold?
  8. Where in the world would you like to go if given the choice to leave tomorrow?
  9. How would you describe your blog site in 5 words?
  10. Do you have a favourite adventurer that inspires you to get out and do what you do?

Thank you and Best of luck to you all.

Happy Trails from  Michelle @ walkingtwobytwo.





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  1. What a fantastic post! And congratulations on your nomination.
    I would love to be hiking with you at the moment you come to the hill crest and realise you are at your most special spot.

  2. Very well deserved, Michelle and what a wonderful year you have ahead of you. Hope to catch up soon. Cheers for 2017. Liz and Ed

  3. Wow Michelle. You are soaring! I am in awe of you. Congratulations on your nomination. I am so happy for you and Mark, you will see the world together, walking. You so inspire me. Look forward to seeing you again, would like to know when you start your Bibbulmun Walk. I will be doing an odd few days – a week of this too. Anyhow, keep on walking and keeping on sharing it with us, love to read your adventures. Take care. Liz J

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