Snap Shots of the Cape 2 Cape

Enjoy our Snap Shots of walking the Cape to Cape.. This is a 135 km coastal walk in Western Australia’s South West.

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  1. Yippee – great to stumble on ur great site – would like to walk c2c in prep for 3rd Camino October – Portuguese coastal route.
    Re c2c –
    as single late 60 lady – ok to walk solo?
    Best place to overnight- self tent or real accomodation.?
    Really only have 5 – 6 days max – possible ?

    Will pick ur brains re Camino Portuguese too later
    Thanks for sharing😄

    • Hi Priscilla,
      Great training ground for your Portuguese walk! This is often my training ground. Love the diversity that it gives. The Portuguese way is easier than the C2C just longer. Usually the Cape 2 Cape is around 7 days and if you are not appose to tenting then best option especially if you want to do the route quicker as you are not confined to the vehicle access points.
      This would put you at day1; 10.67km (Duckworth campsite), day2; 23.73km (Moses Rock campsite), day3; 19.51km (Ellensbrook Campsite), day4; 27.34km (Conto Feild campsite), day5; 30.05km (Deepdene campsite),
      day6; 23.67km to Cape Leeuwin. (do note there is a good 10kms of soft sand walking on last day). Doing this though be aware you must carry your food. You will come into a few coastal towns but not supermarkets more cafe etc.
      For accommodation its a bit trickier unless you either know someone who will do drop off and pick up or you can pay a company to do so like Plus side you don’t carry a lot of gear just day pack, and warm shower, bed and cooked meal, down side $$$$.
      All depends on you and your budget. I’m lucky as my folks live down there so they are my pick up drop off! (and they cook me dinner hehehe)
      Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on any of these trails, I’m always happy to help. oh and as a late 60yr old you are still young and no fear you are quite safe just use your instincts. I also always advise carrying a Epirb (personal beacon) when hiking trails like the C2C in case of a fall etc. There isn’t phone reception for a good amount of this trail. Portugal you will be fine.
      Keep us up to date on your journeys would love to hear about them.
      Happy walking. 🙂

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